The Waves

I recently recommitted to reading more fiction. I get too tied up into non-fiction and forget to pick up fiction books! oops! To kick off my refocus on fiction reading, I started with Amy Matayo’s newest book, The Waves. {This post contains affiliate links. For more info, read our full disclosure.} I’ve read a few … [Read more…]

None Greater

One of the things I’ve been holding onto through the chaos of this season of life is the reminders of who God is. To hold on to His attributes to remind me that God is always for me. I find myself constantly wrestling with the goodness of God and the life I experience. I place … [Read more…]

What Am I Feeling?

Lately, it has felt like feelings have overtaken our household. Not only from me as I continue to process pieces of this journey called life. But emotions from Sarabeth as she struggles to process things as her 4-year-old mind works through grief in new ways. And it’s hard to always know what you are feeling. … [Read more…]


Y’all know I’ve been on a journey towards finding wholeness. To figure out what that looks like in my life. I’m tired of wearing my brokenness like a badge. I KNOW that I do not need to stay in that place of brokenness. But the path out has been rather circuitous and confusing. {This post … [Read more…]