I feel like I wait all year for this season to arrive.  You see, in addition to celebrating the birth of Jesus, we also celebrate my birthday! I love the decorations. The shiny and colorful ornaments on trees.  The music is most definitely my favorite.

It’s not all about me though…

For me, I’ve always had to work hard mentally to separate this holiday from being a world wide celebration of me.  But this shared birthday has also developed in me a deep love for all things Christmas.

Despite this deep love for Christmas, I have never really celebrated or entered into an advent experience.  Sure, I grew up doing countdown calendars with my brothers (always opening December 24th of course!).  But I didn’t really understand the wreath, or the significance of the colors of the candles we lit each week.


What’s it all mean?

To be fair, I’m not sure I still fully understand what it all means.  But I do know this.  Advent is a celebration of longing.  Of looking at what Christ has done for us on the cross and what he will do for us when he returns again.

Advent is a picture of hope.  Of love. Of Joy. And Peace.  And shoot, I may not have gotten them in the right order, but since I’m just trying to learn and dig into the concept myself, I’m okay with that.

Let’s celebrate advent together!

Enter Advent

We’ll look at what it means to celebrate advent through a lens of grief.  Of recognizing that for many (if not everyone over the age of about 10), these holidays are painful because of the memories of loved ones who have passed.  Or hurts done to us by others.  I want to look at how God’s love redeems those hurts.  Those pockets and grief.  And he writes a new legacy for us.  Redeemed.  Full of Love.  Hope. Joy. and Peace.

In the midst of pain, we have have all those things.  God longs to give us all those things.


Week 1: Enter Hope

Week 2: Enter Peace

Week 3: Enter Joy

Week 4: Enter Love

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