1. Oh, my. You’ve got me smiling! The conversation about control and leadership happens often in our circle of friends. (and with my hubby and me) Rob will raise his hand and announce, “Hello. My name is Robert, and I have control issues.” This brings heaps of laughter, but it’s also laughter with understanding. We all struggle.

    For a few years now, Robert and I have been studying Jesus as the greatest leadership role model.

    Jesus’ ability to lead those around Him – and yet fully and completely follow His Father – has had a huge impact on us. It’s allowed us to practice habits like solitude and prayer… which brings us closer to fully trusting and letting our lives be led by God’s will. It’s been a decision to exchange pride and fear – for a God-grounded confidence, based on His abiding love.

    Perhaps understanding (or striving to understand) God’s love is the first step to letting go of control… and letting God lead…

    • Amy Langmaack

      Thank you for sharing Lori! I think you are right that understanding God’s love is definitely the start of the journey towards being able to let go of control and let God lead. You’ve given me a few things to think about as well. 🙂

    • Amy Langmaack

      I think that we, as women, definitely like to think that we can always be in control. But’s it’s such an illusion, isn’t it? I find myself almost daily handing over my supposed control of my life.

  2. I’m a woman. I’m a first-born. I have control issues. Ask my husband, my children, and anyone else who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m bossy and I like to be in charge. The struggle is real! haha This is something I’ve been dealing with. I’m learning to let God lead and allow Him to lead me through my husband. I’ve always known God’s plan for the “submissive wife” but being a submissive wife is not easy. I’ve made great strides though!

    • Amy Langmaack

      Thanks for sharing your story Tina! I am right there with you as a first-born woman with control issues. It’s definitely not easy, but I find that when I try to let go of control of at least one thing every day, it gets easier (sometimes. ha!).

  3. It is so much easier if we are paying attention! Sometimes God tells us in a still small voice, we just have to be willing to listen for Him, even over the noise of this world. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh man! I’m the biggest control freak! I even blogged about that very topic! Haha thank you for challenging me! I am the youngest I four girls and still feel like I have to be the first to pick up the reigns and lead in many ways. Great post!

    • Amy Langmaack

      Thanks Tessa! I can’t imagine being the youngest of 4 girls (I’m the oldest with two brothers)! I would imagine the need to assert yourself on occasion. Definitely hard to let that go sometimes!

  5. Another woman, first born, control issues here lol! I am working on “letting go and letting God”! For some things, I think it gets easier with age. We are parents through adoption, and we have really been trying to adopt again. This time around I find myself saying, “It’s in God’s hands” a lot more. Maybe it is because I got a ton of PRACTICE the first time around!

    • Amy Langmaack

      I’m sensing a theme with all these comments. 🙂 I think it’s true if you’ve experienced things before, it’s easier to let go. I also find myself more able to let things go when I make up my mind not to stress over them. When my daughter was first born, I tracked naps 100% of the time, even if I left the house. Eventually, after about a year, I realized I was making myself crazy trying to keep track and worked on letting go and eventually deleting the app on my phone. There’s so much more freedom in my life now that I’ve let go! Practice definitely makes perfect.

  6. I don’t feel the need to be in control in all situations. I am observant to know when you are in charge the buck stops with you. You can’t blame anyone but yourself when things go wrong. When it comes to God leading my life, there have certainly been seasons in my life when I took control of my life with less than favorable results. With passage of time, I have learned to step back and listen to His voice for direction.

    • Amy Langmaack

      That’s great Mary! I think we all have seasons where our willingness to let God lead ebbs and flows. It definitely goes more in our favor when we let God lead.

    • Amy Langmaack

      I keep reminding myself that as long as I am willing to learn and change and I make efforts to make those changes, then I’m being successful!

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