Cover Your Time In Grace

Let's think about time.  Who do you spend it with?  What do you choose to do with it?  Where do you place your focus?  When do you sit down and plan how you are using your time?  Why do you use it the way you do?  How well do you think you're utilizing your time?

Let’s think about time.

Who do you spend it with?

What do you choose to do with it?

Where do you place your focus?

When do you sit down and plan how you are using your time?

Why do you use it the way you do?

How well do you think you’re utilizing your time?

Our Time is All We Have

On several occasions now, Eric and I have had to sit down and decided how I would use my time the most effectively. What the best ways to split up chores and family time and personal time and quiet time and work time. Despite the fact that I love routine and schedules and structure, my new “schedule” we created was based loosely around nap times and had no real structure to it at all.  What we knew as we develop schedules and calendars is that I wanted to use my time wisely, to still feel like I was able to get everything done without feeling crazy, and I needed some alone time to refuel and recharge myself.

We are always evaluating, sometimes even on a daily basis, what our schedule looks like for the next day, what the priorities are, and if anything got missed during the current day that could be tackled on the next.  I find for myself, looking at the week broadly helps focus my time, but reviewing daily at the end of each night what is coming up for the day ahead makes me feel more prepared for what I will face as I wake up each morning.

This fluidity that I have found in scheduling is something new since Sarabeth was born.  Rather than having a rigid schedule where I needed everything planned out, I realized I could structure my day around a few topics and proceed to finish my day holding the actual times things must be done loosely and holding the tasks themselves a little more tightly.


I learned that what I had to pour over my schedule was grace. I had to release myself from preconceived expectations. I had to learn to go with the flow. And above all, I have to set aside my need for the day to be structured around me.  I had to learn to be flexible.  To let go of some of my rigidity and realize that even if I don’t accomplish everything I wanted, I still was able to love of my daughter, take care of my house, spend time with my God.  Those things were the important things.  When it happened did not matter nearly as much as how it happened.

There were some things that I realized I did need to take care of first so that I could cover my time in grace. My time with God needs to happen in the very first parts of my day so that I am able to pour His grace over my day.  I find that the days I don’t sit down with a little Bible time first thing are the days that everything seems to fall apart and by the end of the day I sit down in my chair thoroughly exhausted and spent and feeling like I have nothing to show for that exhaustion.

Fill Your Schedule With Grace

Think about your schedule right now.  Does it stress you out because of all the things you have to do? Make you feel empowered because you know what’s coming next? Are you too busy to meet deadlines for the things you have committed to?

I’m not going to tell you what you have to have in your schedule and when you need to have your quiet time.  I think those decisions are best discussed between your spouse and/or family and God.  Your schedule is a reflection of who you are and what you believe.  So the things it is filled with are the things most important to you.

[bctt tweet=” Your schedule is a reflection of who you are and what you believe.”]

Filling your schedule with grace means you are making sure you leave some margin in your schedule.  Even with my days not entirely planned, the unexpected always arrises.  Today, the unexpected looked like two baths for Sarabeth because she got so messy while eating today.  Little things that don’t take up much time add up and eat away at what you need to do if you haven’t accounted for those unexpected things!

You own your time, so don’t let your schedule define you – you define your schedule.  Accomplish those things that need to get done and let the rest go.  Show yourself some grace.  It’s always easy to encourage others to shower themselves with grace when they need it but we often forget to give it to ourselves.  Cover yourself with grace too!


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