Giving Life All You’ve Got – The Last Arrow

Fear seems to be the theme of the year. I mentioned it last week when I talked about Fierce Faith. And I’ve been thinking about it some more this week as I finished up reading The Last Arrow.

Fear causes us to hang back. I know it causes me to hold back when I feel like maybe I could push forward. I have dreams. Goals and ambitions. And yet, something holds me back.

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McManus asserts that this seems to be normal for us all. We’re all in a battle that must be fought so that we can live the life we’ve been handed.

As I read The Last Arrow, I thought a lot about the things in my life that I’ve started and walked away from when the going gets tough. When I give up before I’m worn out and have given it my all. This is exactly what McManus is warning us against.

Elisha and the King

McManus reminds us of the story of Elisha. As a prophet of God, he was called before a king. The king was given a quiver of arrows and told to strike the ground. But the king stops at three strikes. As a result of that, Elisha informs the king that he would lose the battle he was facing.

McManus asserts that the king could have given so much more, but when he failed to do so, he gave up.

“For Elisha, the fact that the king stopped striking the arrow was connected to his determination to receive the full measure of God’s intention for him.”

The Last Arrow

So, when we stop before we’ve given it our all, McManus asserts we’re leaving something behind.

“You must not allow fear to steal your future, and every day that you walk this earth you must make sure you save nothing for the next life. You must never allow fear to keep you grounded. The moment you choose to play it safe, you’ve lost the game. Instead of running from your fears, lean into them, for on the other side of them is the future you long for. These moments form character and forge the future.”

What kind of a future do you want?

Do you want the kind of future that shows you’ve faced your fears and fought some battles? Or the kind of life that is played safe without chasing after the dreams in your heart?

McManus reminds us that:

“The last arrow moves you past what God will do for you to what God will do through you.”

What will you allow God to do through you today?

A Few More Thoughts on the Book

The Last Arrow is McManus’ reminder to society today that we need to look past the fear and give life all we’ve got. When we give in, we don’t live out our God-given purpose.  I didn’t always agree with everything he extrapolated for the story or shared in the pages of the book. But the overarching message is an important one. We can’t give up when the going gets tough. We need to open our hearts and minds and ask God, “what are you trying to do through me here?” When we do this, it will benefit not only ourselves but society too.


I received a copy of this book from Blogging For Books. This review is my own, honest opinion.

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