• Hi Anna! I’m so glad you’re interested in getting more info about Unbeaten! The only thing your group would need to purchase are the books themselves. (I also recommend your group carry basic journals because there are journal activities throughout the book, but this is optional.) There are videos included in the purchase price: one short, 5-10 minute video for each week (so 10 videos in all). When you purchase the books, you’ll get links to watch the videos. The purchase price on Amazon is 14.99, but my publisher does offer discounts for bulk orders. You can email Tamara at sales@crossrivermedia.com to get more info about the bulk order discounts. Let me know if you need any more information, and I’d be happy to help! I’m also available to skype or googlechat in to your study if that’s something your group would enjoy. Contact me through my website if you’d like to chat more! http://www.lindseymbell.com/contact-me/

  1. Jennifer Gearheart

    God always wants the best for us. We may hear no and we must wait to see what He has in store. I tell my kids no or wait, so I must do the same thing. God may want to teach us a lesson and I am grateful I am not alone. Great devotion.

    • You’re absolutely right, Jennifer! God does always have our best interests in mind. We might not always understand His ways, but he does love us more than we could ever imagine!

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