1. I have the inspire bible to and am learning to love it. I’ve been Journaling more, thinking that some day my kids will read it and maybe learn who their mother was. That’s the thing about a legacy, you don’t realize you’ve been left one until the one that left it is gone. We need to be more intentional about the living legacy of now, see it and appreciate it, even incorporating it into our lives. Good for you in doing that.

    • Amy Langmaack

      Thank you, Deborah! I definitely agree with you that we need to think about our legacy and be intentional about it. I recently started working on a journaling Bible that will specifically be for my daughter. I’ll give it to her on her 18th birthday. Have you checked out Illustrated Fatih? They do a lot of Bible journaling and creativity!

    • Amy Langmaack

      I agree Lux! I love that you said “Many beautiful things happen when we face life with a grateful heart.” Beautiful!

    • Amy Langmaack

      I’m right there with you Marie! I do not have the drawing gene at all. But this helps me feel artsy without having to stress about making it perfect!

  2. I agree it is so important to live a life of gratitude…a wonderful legacy to leave in this world. I think seeing God in the little things in this world helps me cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Thanks for sharing.

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