Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back

Life is full of traumatic moments. Whether big or small, you can’t avoid experiencing something yourself – or knowing someone else who has experienced significant trauma. In spite of those experiences, we must learn to pick our feet up again and make the next step forward.

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Eventually, as we take those steps forward, we begin to thrive again. In her new book, Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back, Laurie Pawlik seeks to help readers find that place of thriving again.

Using the stories of women in the Bible as a framework, Pawlik shares her own experiences with loss, asks questions, and provides activities to help you move through your hurt.

My Take on Growing Forward

I found Pawlik’s take on the stories of the women in the Bible to be new and unique. The retelling of the stories gave me new things to think about, and new ways to view grief and the process of healing.

Each chapter in Growing Forward contains five “blossom tips.” These tips are designed to help you find holistic healing as you read. Each tip is scattered throughout the chapter.

For me, those tips proved to be distracting from the story that the chapter was weaving. I found it more beneficial to skip the tips as I read the chapter, and then going back and reading them once the chapter is finished.

Growing Forward is not a book you’re going to sit down and read in one sitting. You will want to take your time. And to get the most out of it, you may actually want to walk through it with a friend. For accountability and encouragement when it’s hard. And to be able to celebrate the wins as you grow and once again begin to thrive.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. This review is my own, honest opinion.

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