What I’m Reading: Fight Back With Joy

I’ve learned to practice a defiant joy – one that is my heritage, my purpose, and my destiny – and in the process my life is marked by more gratitude than ever.

Margaret Feinberg

Learn how to fight for joy in your every day life

I chose the word presence as my word this year.  Little did I know as I began to focus on presence and being present with God, He would show me that I also need to focus on Joy and finding Joy in the tough places.  This book was a first on my journey of working to find Joy despite current circumstances.


In this book, Feinberg shares her very personal journey through being diagnosed with breast cancer and her radical decision to fight back with joy.  She shares the very real struggles with finding joy in difficult trials and tribulations, and very practical ways in which to begin to incorporate the practice of joy into your life.

My Reaction

I loved this book.  Not only did I feel like I connected with Feinberg on a very personal level, but I found myself in her story.  I’ve not been diagnosed with cancer myself, but have walked beside two family members with this diagnosis.  And this time, when the diagnosis came back positive, I knew I needed to fight to find joy in the situation.  To not wallow in the despair of “why me?” I found those thoughts to be very selfish for me, especially considering I was not the one diagnosed.

I found ways through Feinberg’s story to be able to fight for that elusive joy I can’t seem to find myself.  I was encouraged to read some of the more obscure passages in the Bible and dig into them myself.  I even found myself fighting tears at some points in the story because I knew Feinberg was sharing ways to let go of some past hurts from my journey thus far.

You need to buy this book.

I don’t get anything special from the author or publisher to say that.  I will share an affiliate link where you can purchase the book in a second (For more info, read our full disclosure.).  But I want you to know that I want you to buy this book because not only will you at some point go through a trial in your life, but someone you love will too.  This book will help you figure out how to walk with others graciously through this journey.


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