1. Servant leadership used to sound like antonyms to me. Until I knew Jesus, and fully understood how He led. It is such a good reminder to keep Him first, and then “lead, assist, protect, and care” about those whom we lead. And you are exactly right, the only way to do that is to be humble.

    • Natalie Parrague

      Kelli- I”m glad servant leadership is being revealed more to you through knowing Jesus more intimately & deeply! I pray He continues to humble you and show people in your life who you are supposed to disciple and shepherd and fiercely “lead, assist, protect & care” for! Thanks for starting the conversation!

  2. I feel like we all lead by example . . . and your example of Mercy, evangelism and pastoring are quite incredible and important! Sometimes we know people are watching and following – other times we have no idea the impact we are making! Keep up the awesome work for Our Lord!

    • Natalie Parrague

      Amy, I definitely believe we lead and learn by example! My identity and leadership is found in following Jesus. I”m only a leader because I chose to follow and put my life and fight to surrender daily at the foot of the cross. As I read and dig in more Scripture I try to be more intentional on the leadership legacy God & His Son Jesus calls me to and the impact being made! He has high standards. Thanks for reading my writing and sharing your thoughts and encouragement!It is tricky though to find mentors. Also its tricky because this style of leadership through mercy, evangelism & pastoring is in conflict/tension with worldy ways! Be blessed today.

  3. Isn’t it so interesting to read and compare the leadership styles of all these historical leaders and then look at Jesus. It doesn’t even match up! Jesus had no agenda for pleasing people or making himself look or sound more appealing. He simply was what His father instructed Him to be and nothing more yet so many were intrigued by His message. Gives me the chills thinking about it! Great read!

    • Natalie Parrague

      Thanks for reading & reflecting! Yes, it is fascinating to compare political & social leaders and changemakers to the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus is so radically different. We as Christians are called to be set apart also and be radical also. But sometimes we just give in to the world and earthly success. A lot of my testimony in answering the call to full time missions is about this ugly sin of people pleasing and fear which almost got in the way of my defining moment of answering the call.
      In my ministry letter, I write…”The story of my calling into ministry is both messy and beautiful, with God orchestrating every step! I’m grateful for the difficult job transition in 2015. During the job interviewing and networking, God shut doors I was selfishly clinging to and opened the one important door into the call to ministry. It was not until seeing the movie ‘War Room’, did I see Satan’s grip on me as an ugly slave to fear. I then saw with a new lens the spiritual war to people please and obtain worldly success against that to truly follow Jesus. James 4:7 says, “So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” While on the drive home from the movie, after a good cry and meditating on this verse, I surrendered my fears and I experienced true clarity and peace. At that moment I answered the call to ministry. That evening after the intense War Room car experience, I quickly wrote AMI’s President Will Jones a late night email explaining I was “all in.”Since answering the call, I continue to go to God with my biggest dreams and biggest fears. I’m praying bold prayers and letting Him take over, embarking on full surrender and trust like never before. I’m excited about this adventure to advance AMI’s vision to see nations awakened, arisen, and active for Christ…”
      In a few different prayer & sermon messages, I realize I”m walking/following like Peter and uncharted territory. I no longer desire or fall for people pleasing, doubting, analyzing…simply walking boldly & fully with Christ on water or wherever He leads me! Amen to that! Have a blessed day!

    • Natalie Parrague

      Thanks for reading! Glad you were blessed by this entry in the Be the Proof leadership series. It was a privilege to write and reflect and have a platform to discuss servant leadership. I”m still learning about following Jesus which is how I lead. He keeps revealing more and more. Also as I’m more in tune to the Holy Spirit and yield to the power of Christ in me ..I am able to overflow and follow & be & live as the woman God calls me to be!

      Happy Reading and Happy Leading!


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