Legacy: Why It’s Important to Think About

Why do you even need to bother thinking about your legacy? Because thinking about it allows you to find your sweet spot and embrace the person God created you to be.I’ve spent the last week thinking about the “why” of legacy lifestyle.

Why care about the legacy you’re leaving behind?

Why does it matter if I think about my legacy?

Why do I need to think about it now?

And these are important questions.  And ones I had glossed over because I never considered them after God spoke to my heart and told me to think about it.

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My First Thoughts on Legacy

About one year ago, I was sitting down to do my Bible study and much of what I read in scripture was speaking to a current situation I was dealing with.  The scriptures and study opened my eyes to see that whatever I was living out in my life currently, my daughter was going to see and she would then be copying many of my behaviors as her own.

That idea scared me quite a bit.  There were things I was seeing in myself, my struggles with weight, self esteem, even my relationship with God that I didn’t want her to copy for herself.  These struggles felt like burdens that I couldn’t let go of, and they are not weights that I want my daughter to carry too.

And I realized I had to get my act together and do something about those things.  Perhaps you don’t think so much about your legacy, but there are things in your life that you see that you don’t want your children to copy.  I bet there are ways your parents raised you that you decided you didn’t want to copy as you are raising your children.

We are all impacted by our environments, and some of those things we have control over.  Some of those things don’t have to continue on.

The way I saw it, I could either continue to bemoan my weight and continue my issues with self esteem which were impacting not only me but my relationship with my husband and with God, or I could do something about them.

I could either continue to flounder in my relationship with God, angry for the things He allowed to happen in my life, or I could work towards understanding His grace and His mercy and how He could fill those wounds.

I realized that I could adopt a legacy lifestyle where I would begin to think about how to turn around those struggles in my life.  Because if I didn’t, I would just continue to pass them along to my children.

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Why do you even need to bother thinking about your legacy? Because thinking about it allows you to find your sweet spot and embrace the person God created you to be.

God Continues to Affirm My Legacy Journey

One of the cool things about God is that as I have been questioning the “why” and trying to determine if it’s actually something worthwhile to continue to think about and write about, He continues to bring it in front my eyes.  In the books that I read, legacy appears in the text.   It has come up in books with topics ranging from Triggers, to Fight Back to Joy, to You’re Already Amazing.

Just the repetition of the word legacy affirmed to me that God really did want me to share this message because it’s so important!  And we don’t talk about it very often because we’re not sure what to do with it.

A Great Place to Start

Since beginning this journey, I’ve been searching and searching for tools and books and resources that would help me understand the importance of legacy and how to build my own.  And some of those tools I’ve found without even realizing that’s what I was stumbling onto!

Holley Gerth’s You’re Already Amazing LifeGrowth Guide and DVD are incredibly insightful.  I’d never read anything by Holley before doing this study, and now I can’t get enough of Holley’s writing.

She takes you on a journey to embrace who you are and to become all God created you to be. This journey is about discovering the ways that God created you, your passions and the ways in which you thrive. You see, life isn’t just about living, but thriving in that sweet spot that God created you to perform. Because YOU are already amazing just the way that God created you to be.

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Finding this sweet spot allows you to build your legacy in incredible ways.  Here’s what Holley has to say about this LifeGrowth Guide:

Going through this study helped me to solidify in my own mind the strengths, skills and people God has called me to speak to.  It helped me replace some lies I’ve believed and the emotions that sometimes threaten to strangle my attempts to move forward.

Creating my LIFE statement was awesome because now I have a sentence that will help me understand exactly what it is God has called me to, and before saying yes to something new, I can look at it in light of my LIFE statement and if it agrees, I can happily say yes, knowing I am doing something that furthers my mission here on earth.

You’re Already Amazing

Don’t forget that you ARE already amazing the way God created you to be.  And He wants you to know it and realize it.  As you live out the mission God has called you to, you will build the legacy that you leave behind.  Sometimes our legacies aren’t so much something we think about on a daily, or moment by moment basis, but something we live. It may be something you do naturally without even questioning why you live your life the way you do.

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The “why” of legacy lifestyle is so that you can embrace the life that God is calling you to and allowing you to fully become who He created you to be.


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  1. As I live out my life right in front of my children’s eyes each day, I am always thinking about the legacy I am leaving them. There are generational cycles in my family that I have had to break, with God’s help, so that my kids don’t continue unhealthy behavior patterns. One of the most important things I am striving to pass on is a love of and obedience to Scripture, filtering what we say, do, and think through God’s Word. I’m also trying to model a genuine faith to my kids. Great post, Amy!

  2. This is honestly something I have never thought about before, it has really got me thinking! Thank you for sharing! Beautifully written! 🙂

  3. I often think about the example I am setting for my son. He sees me when I’m tired, frustrated and stressed. I think having a child is such a gift to our soul, because we notice things we say and do when they start saying and doing them! Our example is so important -we are important! Just knowing and being aware of this will help us leave a positive legacy!

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