To live out the teaching of the Bible in every day life and to share that teaching in practical and tangible ways to those around us.As Eric and I have been discussing what Be The Proof is going to look like moving forward, one of the big things we felt was important was to establish a mission, vision, and core values.  We wanted to have a tangible reminder of what we were about, and something that would guide us as we move forward.  We also realized that it wasn’t enough to just write a statement that said what our mission, vision and values were, but that we needed to really flesh out what we believed and why we were doing what we are setting out to do.  So we’re going to take turns sharing those things with you.

I get to start off by sharing our mission with you.


We recognize that this is a tall order.  It’s not something that we’re taking lightly.  As we’ve shared before, after the birth of Sarabeth we realized that if we were going to teach her how to live a godly life, we were going to have to know what the Bible says and figure out how to live it ourselves so that she could see it in very real and tangible ways.

We also recognize that as “teachers” we are now being held to a higher accountability.  This means we have to be constantly focused on taking everything we learn and read back to the Bible.  We have to study, and steward our information well.

Photo of our brainstorming sessionWhat does this look like practically?  It means that everything we learn, read and hear is discussed with each other, with God and potentially with someone else who has knowledge in this area as well.  We are going to be focusing on finding answers in our Bibles first and foremost, but also seeking out books and sermons by highly respected teachers and pastors to help us further our understanding of how to live out the teaching of the Bible practically.

For instance, one of the things that I’ve been convicted about and working to learn more about is Sabbath.  The 4th commandment calls us to keep a day holy.  But it’s hard to know what that practically looks like in our current culture.  So in addition to looking at the Bible and what it says about rest, I’ve read a few books, and am listening to sermons that talk about the 4th commandment and rest and Sabbath.  It’s a very counter intuitive thing in our culture to take a day off of electronics and the normal busyness of our world, and that means I want to learn as much as I can, and try out some different things that we can put into practice before I share them with you all.

You can rest assured that Eric and I will never share anything that we haven’t done our due diligence on.  We will have read and listened and actually attempted everything that we share with you.  We want to be honest with our own struggles as we figure it out, as well as our successes and how something happened well.

Ultimately, we want our lives to reflect the teachings of the Bible.  And it is out of the overflow of what we’re learning that we bring to you our thoughts, ideas, and understanding of what the Bible is actually calling us to.  We want to think critically in a day and time when information is at an all time high.  We want to act counter culturally and teach our daughter that the way the world lives and operates is not ultimately the way that God asks us to live.

In addition to creating Mission, Vision and Values statements, we also had to decide what we wanted our logo to be.  I happened to listen to a sermon last week that talked about roots.  The idea that as we dig down deep into our relationship with God, he will bring about growth and fruit.  So, we’re adopting a tall, sturdy oak tree as our logo.  The idea that a giant oak tree has to create a giant and deep root system in order to get the nutrients it needs to grow and flourish.  The same idea applies to us, when we dig down deep into our Bibles and our time with God and really grow our relationship with Him first, then we will grow and flourish as well.  But it all has to come from the work that’s hidden down inside.  We always want what happens here to be the overflow of the work that God is doing in our lives.

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