On Being a Less-Than-Perfect Parent

I would say that I’m still fairly new at this parenting gig. With one child, who’s only nearing the age of 4, I don’t have much experience under my belt. But I am learning what works for my child. And I’m constantly picking up all the parenting books to help give me nuggets of wisdom as I learn what raising a child looks like. I’m definitely not a perfect parent.

It’s been hard for me to fully internalize the idea that the intentional act of parenting is sacred ground. That parenting is my act of worship to God. But this space – of raising a child and giving her the ability to learn and grow is holy space. 

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Jamie Amerine, in her new book, reminds me so clearly that there is holy space within the chaos of motherhood. I first encountered Amerine’s writing last year when I read Stolen Jesus. The writing in that book changed a major mindset for me. So I jumped into Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors with great excitement. I wasn’t disappointed. 

Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors

In the pages of this book, Amerine reminded me that we don’t have to have all of the answers in parenting. But I do know the One who actually holds all of the answers for me – if I’d actually turn and listen to him.

The words in this book reminded me that I’m not going crazy just because of the chaos around me. I was reminded of how the truth of who Jesus is and the importance of the gospel plays into my parenting.

 I hear a lot of words from people who meet and know my daughter. There’s no shortage of words saying how smart she is, how bright, how beautiful. And if I’m not careful, those words can become a stopping point for my brain. I’ll take all the credit for the things God has bestowed on my child. While I gave birth to her, she is a product of God’s doing. I’m just doing my best to steward the gifts that I see He has given her. But those things people see in my daughter are not mine to claim. I was reminded of that through Amerine’s words.

You Won’t be a Perfect Parent

Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors is not so much a book about how to parent. It’s not a how-to. Rather, it’s an invitation. An invitation to lean on a heavenly parent (God) who is seeking to teach you how to parent. We have the best Father to learn from. And we must look to him in all those moments where we want to throw our hands up. It’s a reminder of how to come alongside others in this thing called parenting.

It’s a reminder that though our floors may be sticky, we are always on sacred ground. Every day our homes are a chance to point back toward God. To help little hearts understand who God is. And to hold loosely the way they turn out because ultimately we can’t carry the weight of their decisions. We are only meant to carry the weight of what we do and who we are. 

We’re all just parents doing our best at this crazy job we’ve been given. And it will never be perfect. That’s the reason I could search Amazon and find over 70,000 books on the subject. We’re all just trying to do our best. That’s what God asks of us. And Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors is a beautiful reminder that no matter how we parent, our kids are going to do their thing. And they’ll help us become a better version of ourselves as a result.


I received a copy of this book from the publisher. This review is my own, honest opinion.

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