1. Stephanie

    Of course there are the norms of going to church and letting the kids be as involved as they can in our serving in the youth (ie going to events with us when it’s appropriate, having our youth over to the house, etc) but we also do a few things at home.

    The two we do on a consistent basis is reading a bible story at night and we have a bible verse for the month. The kids memorize it and say it for a prize and the end of the month. Even Selah can say this months in her own understanding “children obey your parents, God says it’s right. Ephesians 6:1”

    I also try my best to have conversations throughout the days that have to do with the months bible verse. It’s fun to see the kids start to correlate the verse to real world.

    We also pray before bed together. This is the routine no matter who is at home, even our sitters know to read a bible story and pray with them before bed. We are a house Of night time people though (besides my husband) so this works best for us.

    There are other routines we fail at, hahaha, but this one at bedtime we are doing mostly well.

    • Amy Langmaack

      We used to have a Bible story and prayers at bedtime. Things got chaotic and it went out the window. That’s definitely something we need to get back to. We’re gonna be rebuilding our routines around here, so that’s definitely one I need to add back in. Sarabeth actually has a couple memory verses going on at church with her different classes. So I don’t add to those – but I need to start practicing them at home. 🙂

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