Raising a Young Modern-Day Princess

Eric and I have been toying with the idea of creating some sort of rite of passage experience for Sarabeth.  I watched my dad do it with both of my brothers and love the idea.  We have a few areas we know we want to focus on, but we have remained stuck in how to actually carry something out. We want to raise a princess. A daughter who understands her heritage and legacy as a daughter of the King.

Since Sarabeth is so young, we’ve tabled the idea for now.  But it’s always on the back of my mind and I’m always looking for resources.


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Raising a Young Modern-Day Princess

I jumped at the chance to read Raising a Young Modern-Day Princess.  One thing I have observed is that most books seem to target teen girls.  I’ve struggled to find books that address teaching your young girl how to live as a daughter of God.

Since we’re homeschooling Sarabeth, I want to be able to incorporate activities that will build her understanding of God and faith through school activities.

This book will be incredibly valuable in doing just that.

Raising a Young Modern-Day Princess walks you through the fruit of the spirit.  Doreen Hanna & Karen Whiting take you on a journey through the scriptures that relate to the fruit of the spirit.  They provide over 100 activities and so many creative ideas to help you teach the fruit of the spirit to a young girl.

Another piece I love are the sections in each chapter that include tools for dad.  They include activities and ideas of things that dads can do to help build characteristics of a princess. Hanna and Whiting also remind dads that they are the ones who teach their daughters what to expect from boys.

Walking through this book will walk you through an entire “curriculum” that you could make last for 8 weeks.  Or you could walk through it for 8 months! There are tools to help you go through the process alone, or with a group of girls.

I did think that the formatting of the book could have been a bit more clear by giving the reader an outline of how fast to go through each of these chapters.  But overall, I love the guidance provided in this book for how to help start creating some rite of passage encounters for Sarabeth.



I received a free copy from the publisher. All opinions in this post are my own.



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