• Amy Langmaack

      I had never spent time digging into those verses before. I loved getting to spend time with them. I actually read through several minor prophets once I finished Haggai. There is some great stuff in there that I think we skip over too often. I plan on going back through them again soon!

  1. Thanks for sharing and for the reminder that it’s a process and sometimes it takes time to see results. I really enjoyed Fervent and got a lot from it but I know there is still a lot of work to do and parts that I will return to and read again.

  2. Wow, your battle with Satan is very reminiscent of mine. What you said about protecting yourself so fiercely that you are unable to live struck me.
    Trust in God is essential to winning the good fight.

  3. I love how you assure your readers that there is a Satan, and He wants us to be afraid! Our Lord wants us to trust Him, and Satan loves our doubts and fears. Isn’t it crazy how some people in our world do not even believe there is a devil? Thank you for such an open-hearted post! God Bless you Amy!

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