Remember and Return by John MacArthur

A recent conversation with Eric has had me pondering the types of books that I read.  My brother always challenges me to broaden my reading horizons.  But this particular conversation challenged me with the depth of the material and who the authors of the books I’m reading are. I realized that, while current books do have merit, there is a lot of weight and knowledge to be gained by books from past eras.  I want to read books that help me remember who God is and return to him through reading the book.

I’m at a point in my life where I want to dig in deeper. For me, that means finding books with authors who really dig deep into a subject. And perhaps, they are the authors who challenge my understanding. I want to learn from what I’m reading.


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Remember and Return by John MacArthur

Remember and Return has really been a book that challenges my thinking.  It is a 31 day devotional, compiled from works previously written by MacArthur. And just like the subtitle says, the point of this devotional is to help you rekindle your love for the Savior.

I’ve found this devotional to be extremely thorough.  It is a deep look into the things that should be helping us develop a strong love for Jesus.  Each devotional is about 4 pages long, and I finished each day feeling like I had grown immensely in my knowledge, understanding, and love of Jesus. This is most certainly a devotional to read over and over again.  I believe I will be able to gain new insights continuously! MacArthur turns to scripture explain scripture.  But not in a way that is confusing.  He uses it to help you better understand confusing passages, and to see the overwhelming cross-references that happen throughout scripture.



I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  This review is my honest opinion.


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