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I’ve mentioned before that I am fascinated by all things pertaining to the brain. I’ve always loved Psychology but learned in college I struggled the math involved in studying the subject. Thankfully now, I’ve found a few neuroscientists that write about the brain and how to help change and grow our brains in ways that I can understand!

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In October, I shared about Think, Learn, Succeed by Dr. Caroline Leaf. After I finished it, I picked up Switch on Your Brain Every Day: 365 Readings for Peak Happiness, Thinking and Health. It’s a daily devotional that pairs small teachings from Dr. Leaf’s book Switch On Your Brain with scripture and actionable steps to put the reading into practice.

Growing up in church has taught me many ways to read scripture.  Switch On Your Brain Every Day has encouraged me to think about scripture in new ways. To see how scriptures I’ve always read one way, may actually be speaking more to how to train our brains to think and develop. In addition to challenging the way I think about scripture, each reading gives a “brainy tip” that shows how to put the “why” of scripture into action. 

Switch On Your Brain in bite size pieces.

I love that Dr. Leaf shows us how to put into practice the things we are learning both in scripture and from science. Each reading is a chance to change the way you are functioning. And as those changes occur, I’ve found that I am enjoying life more, finding my thought processes more positive and I feel better on an emotional and physical level. 

I’ve found each reading easy to digest and I look forward to doing each reading every day! I’m excited to see where learning and building these new habits takes me in the new year!


I received a copy of this book from the publisher. This review is my own, honest opinion.

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