The Hand of God

In the chaos of the last year, one of the things I’ve continually thought is “does God really care?” I’ve questioned His goodness, and wondered if my life and situations actually mattered. So, I’ve been on the hunt to find the answers to my questions. To search out what the Bible says about how God interacts with us, and what it says about my current life situations.

Do I expect to find my exact scenario in the Bible?


But I can gather information about how God has reacted in the past and apply that to what I’m living through right now.

I picked up Alistair Begg’s new book, The Hand of God: Finding His Care in all Circumstances. This book takes a deep dive into the story of Joseph and how God interacts with each facet of the story.

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Reading The Hand of God

I expected to find a heavy narrative that would be slow reading. Instead, I found The Hand of God to be an incredibly approachable narrative. I never once thought “I already know this” as Begg walked through the narrative of Joseph verse by verse. Rather, I found myself encouraged by things I had never seen in the story. And I was challenged to see things a new way because I was learning new things about ancient history.

Begg opened my eyes to see places where God was interacting in the details of Joseph’s life in small ways. And how the reaction of Joseph impacted the relationship God and Joseph shared. I walked away understanding more strongly the sovereignty of God. And believing that God truly does care about the small moments of my life.

It won’t change immediately

Seeing how God engages with us doesn’t immediately change our circumstances. In fact, what I’ve come to see is that circumstances may never change. But knowing who God is in the situation helps us see things a little bit more clearly.

My situation has not changed. In fact, I may be more confused than ever about how God is leading us in this season. But I can hold on to the fact that God is involved in the details today. I can choose to stand tall like Joseph and walk in the path God has me on. And I can know that he is leading and guiding towards His purpose, even though I don’t know the ending.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. This review is my own, honest opinion.

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