The Louder Song

One of the things that I’ve been learning lately in my season of quiet is that God speaks louder than the pain that I’m feeling. That no matter what my current moment of struggle is, God is there in the moment, and he is singing a song over me that is greater than the pain I’m feeling.

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In her new book The Louder Song, Audrey Sampson, shares how she learned to take her pains and sufferings and turn them into laments. With incredible vulnerability, Sampson lets you into the hard places she’s experienced in life. And sje shares how she has learned to relate to God in those places.

Sampson walks the reader through an understanding of what a lament is. A cry to God that lets you tell him exactly what you are feeling. And she shares examples of how to share your laments through the different heart aches and pains of life.

Breathe Life

The Louder Song felt like a breath of fresh air to my soul. As I’ve been going through my own significant struggles, this book gave me permission to be where I am. But not to keep that pain self-focused – to turn those thoughts and emotions back to God. And to let him weave a bigger song over the one I had been singing myself.

Sampson points out: “Lament is the art of trusting God no matter what he gives, no matter what he takes.”

Through turning to God during the hard times with our honest feelings and emotions, we learn to trust what he gives. And we learn to trust what he takes.

This book is a must for anyone going through any kind of struggles.


I received a copy of this book from the publisher. This review is my own, honest opinion.

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