The Next Right Thing

Decisions are around us all of the time. And, in the chaos of life lately, decisions have been hard to make. So, jumping into a book about how to make decisions was incredibly helpful.

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The Next Right Thing

In The Next Right Thing, Freeman sets out to help the reader discern how to make decision making into a simple, soulful practice. Each short chapter gives a picture of one thing that can help you make better decisions, followed by a prayer and a practice. Each practice is an actionable item that will help you grow your decision-making muscles.

This book was timely for me. The reminders to create space and discern what I’m feeling in my soul as I make decisions was incredibly helpful. I’m walking away from this book armed with tools for finding peace and making space in my life.

I enjoyed reading The Next Right Thing. But one thing that stood out to me was the repetition from the podcast by the same title. Freeman states in the podcast that the idea of The Next Right Thing needed to be a podcast before it was a book, but I found most of what was included in the pages of this book to be a repeat of what I’ve already heard Freeman say in my earbuds. It’s definitely worth a read because it’s nice to hold the prayers and practices in your hand.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. This review was my own, honest opinion.

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