The Waves

I recently recommitted to reading more fiction. I get too tied up into non-fiction and forget to pick up fiction books! oops! To kick off my refocus on fiction reading, I started with Amy Matayo’s newest book, The Waves.

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I’ve read a few of Matayo’s books before and loved them. So this was an easy choice to pick up and dive into! The Waves was the perfect book to jump into for summer.

Jump into The Waves!

I absolutely loved getting to meet the characters in this story. I found both characters to be believable and I enjoyed getting to know them. Having lived in Nashville for a little while, I could relate the parts of the story that shared what it’s like to live in that city. The internal dialogue in the story also kept me engaged and helped me see the characters for the depth of who they were and made them more relatable. This story shared the fine line that sometimes happens between families as we want things for each other that aren’t always what the other person wants. I think Matayo demonstrated that beautifully. I’m excited to read the next story in this series!

I received a copy of this book from the author. This review is my own, honest opinion. 

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