Time: How You Use It Affects Your Legacy

Time-How You Use It Affects Your Legacy Presence

I’ve mentioned before that my word for 2016 is presence.  This is the first year I’ve ever picked one word to focus on.  So I’ve been exploring and thinking about what it really means to be present.  

To not be distracted in my interactions with others.  

To not be distracted in my relationship with God.

To be able to remember what I’ve read for more than a few moments.

It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. To let go of those distractions that I’ve gotten accustomed to in my every day life has been a struggle.  It’s easier to allow the distractions in to keep you from really having to go deep with a friend who is hurting.  It’s easier to allow the distractions in to keep you from having to deal with the chaos in your own life.

Using your time wisely means being present with those around you.

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Being present is about so much more than just putting your phone aside.  It means making sure your mind is present with those around you too.  Or being present in the activity you are involved in.  

Two weeks into January, I still felt like I hadn’t made any progress towards being more present in my life.  So I decided to do something kind of drastic (for me anyway).

I deleted Facebook off my phone.

I was taking a trip and decided that it would be a great time to delete Facebook off of my phone and keep it from being a distraction.  At the beginning of the week I found myself struggling with not having Facebook so easily accessible anymore.  I was using the time I would have been on Facebook to play games, check Instagram, or even hop on Twitter (something I rarely do because I find it too difficult to keep up.).

So I did a second drastic thing.

I deleted all of the games off of my phone as well.  

And now, about three weeks later, I find that I don’t miss having Facebook on my phone and I don’t miss the games.  I’ve had more time to actually be productive with things for the blog, finishing books I’ve been wanting to read, and playing with Sarabeth.  I’ve found a new sense of freedom.  I can walk away from my phone now and not stress about what I’m missing.  I don’t worry about not getting a text message right away.  And up to this point, I don’t think I’ve missed anything major, nor have I been accused of not responding to friends in a timely manner.

What distracts you from being present?

What keeps you from being present in your life? What distracts you from your relationship with God? With your spouse? Your kids? Your friends?

It may not be Facebook and games like me.  But I bet there’s something that distracts you from using your time wisely.  I’m not talking about being efficient.  But about being in the moment.

I was listening to the radio the other day and a question they asked stuck out to me. I don’t know the context of the conversation, but the question asked was about using your cell phone at stop lights.  And what that was teaching your children.  We’ve become a society obsessed with multitasking. But really, multitasking is a misnomer.  I’ve attended several webinars that have addressed the fact that when you focus on more than one activity at a time, you don’t give either activity even 50% of your attention because your brain has to shift between the activities.  So, when we try to multitask we don’t give 100% of ourselves to anything.  

I don’t know about you, but I want to always be giving 100% of myself to my friends and family.  To work and chores.  (Ok, I’ll admit, chores you can often multitask and listen to a podcast or music or something similar.)

How can you give 100% to those around you today?


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