The vision of Be The Proof is: to provide others the opportunity to change the way they live life in order to exemplify Christ for an eternal legacy lifestyle. Last November Amy and I bought our first house. After scouring the market for months and seeing hundreds of houses God showed us where He was placing us and provided everything we needed in His timing. The day of signing we got the keys and I began to move in our things while Amy and our newborn daughter were still resting in the hospital from her birth the day before. We had talked about what rooms would be what and generally of what would go where. There was a vision.

Over those next few weeks and even continuing today we talk about what we would like to do with the house, what changes, additions, and alterations. In essence, this is our vision of what this house could be. A shed, bigger front porch, expanding the deck, and built in bookcases are just a few of the things we have envisioned to make this house our home.

Be The Proof is not just something being done for the here and now but for long standing impact. This is where a vision statement is very important for us. It provides a target for the long-term as Be The Proof continue to develop.

We are not here just to give advice or tell others what to do. How damaging that would be! In the short term it may help fix some ‘problems’ but would not address the underlying cause of sin and rebellion from God. We are asking you to join us in seeking out the instructions God has already laid out for us in the Bible, and how to apply those instructions in to our daily lives.

The current focus for our home is ridding the yard of all of the weeds and poisonous plants. After several month-long battles with a poison ivy like reaction it is time to get rid of everything unnecessary and poisonous to the yard so that we can enjoy it to the fullest as a family. Just as our yard needs to be weeded
and cleaned up, so do all of our lives. Our next focus starting in September will be on prayer, a central and important part of our relationship with God.

“This life is all you got. This could be your only shot. Don’t miss your chance staring at the clock” -Tim Halperin

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In the words of a former pastor of mine growing up, “May God go before you to guide you, beside you to be your friend, behind you to encourage you, under you to hold you up in the hard times and above you to protect you.”

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