My Legacy Life – a 31 Day Series

My Legacy Life - a 31 day series #write31days

There’s a challenge known as Write 31 Days during the month of October.  The idea is to pick a topic and write about that topic for 31 days.  When I thought about what I would want to write about for 31 days, I thought about legacy (of course!).  But what about it? I just published a blog about How I Keep Legacy on My Mind.   It’s got #mylegacylife on my mind.  I’ve realized lately that I want to be able to take this blog in a slightly different direction and speak to how I’m living out my legacy.  What it looks like. How I do it.

I’m deciding to do this a bit last minute, so I don’t have everything mapped out quite yet.  But I’ll be updating this page as I go with links to the blog posts each day! That way if you miss a day, you can come back and catch up.


My Legacy Life

1 – Introduction

2 – What Are You Believing About Legacy?

3 – What are the Legacy Events in Your Life?

4 – The Legacy Life of Timothy

5 – The Legacy Life of Barnabas

6 – The Legacy Life of Paul

7 – The Legacy Life of Rebekah

8 – The Legacy Life of Mary

9 – The Legacy Life of Esther

10 – The Legacy Life of Hannah

11 – An Invitation to Create Safe Space

12 – Carrying Memories – The Importance of Family Gatherings

13 – Living Every Day on Purpose

14 – A Prayer for Spiritual Strength

15 – What Does Scripture Say About Living Your Legacy

16 – Are You Leaving a Legacy of Grace?

17 – A Legacy of Suffering Well

18 – What do Others Say About Your Life?

19 – One Generation Shall Commend Your Works to Another

20 – To Obey is to Leave a Legacy of Love

21 – A Legacy for Your Grandchildren

22 – You Can’t Build Your Legacy Alone

23 – The Legacy of Curiousity

24 – The Legacy You Leave Within Your Home

25 – Your Legacy Is Not About You

26 – I’m Giving You Permission to do Legacy Your Way

27 –How Do YOU Live a Legacy Life?

28 – How do you choose what areas to build?

29 – What practical steps do you take to build your legacy life?

30 – What it looks like to live a legacy life

31 – Your Legacy is Important to the Kingdom













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